The McKee Legacy - The Finale

Cant believe im actually writing this...

We have reached the end of this legacy. I cant believe in my many many years of playing legacies since the sims 2 release that this is my first legacy ive ever completed. Feeling kinda emotional right now!
Anyways, this chapters just a quick summary of welcoming in generation 10. I figured not to play them right out, or then we'd get attached, so i ended it with the birth and age up of the first born child. Anyways, lets go!

So for the finale chapter, i figured a fancy new house for the family!

Deon won the heir poll, which im glad about. He was my favourite and has the best genetics!
We have him join up the doctor career right away. Only one i have yet to play!

And i can say, so far im absolutley loving it!

He even gets to treat his uncle Patrick!

So, Deon treated this girl at work, and has been calling her nonstop but dosnt have the option to invite her round.
And low and behold, she turns up at the bar he's at !
Must be true love. <333

Her name is Carly. Finally a townie that is actually pretty. <333

It dosnt take long before they have their first kiss
Honestly so adorable. I love her.

I add a little make up to her, and shes ready to go!

Once we get back from the bar, Deon gets abudcted!
FINALLLY. I want an alien pregnancy!

Carly is now all moved into the family household. Things are going great!

I spend the next few days awaiting a baby bump, but to no avail. I guess he didnt get pregnant. :( Sigh.

So with no alien pregnancy, we need to get a move on to generation 10!!!! FINAAAALLY. The end is almost near people!

Even at trimester one, she's pretty big!

So with a baby on the way, Deon finally gets down on one knee and pops the question.

Carly and Deon have some time to think about the significance of the baby she's carrying...

Deon: "This means the end of the legacy... end of an era..."

Oh dont be getting all emotional on me  now!

Before the baby arrives, the pair have time to have a quick marriage. Yay!

Lauren found an alien squid at work... YAY.

And before we know it... Generation Ten is born. A baby girl named Whitney.
This technically signifies the end of the legacy. But lets age her up and see what she looks like hey!

And here she is. The official generation 10, whitney mckee.
Im feeling all emotional.  Shes absolutley  ADORABLE aswell.


Well guys, im sucky with writing endings. And im pretty sure no ones reading anymore anyways, but i want to thank you all for reading if you did.
I had an absolute blast playing this family, and as previously mentioned this is my first time completing a legacy in 10 years.
I have been an advid sims fan since the sims 1, and have always played legacies for most of my playing time, just never got round to finishing them.

To summarise the chapter, lets have a look back at all our heirs..

Generation One - Marley.

Generation Two, Courtney.

Generation Three, Leigh.

Generation Four, Archie.

Generation Five, Zayne.

Generation Six, Neville.

Generation Seven, Carissa.

Generation Eight, Lauren.

Generation Nine, Deon.

And finally generation 10, Whitney.

Its really interesting to see the transformation of genetics throughout. I cant believe all the way through our heirs maintained red and black hair, and brown eyes where a definite common theme!

Anyways, i guess this is where i leave you.
Thank you all. <3
Goodbye from the McKee's!

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 8.3

Hello, and welcome back to the McKee Legacy!
Last time we left you with four amazing little generation nine heir contenders, the last born being an alien baby. :} yay.

Zoey and Brody, the youngest two are very close. So close, they even want to hug in piles of trash. Ew.

Deon, one of the twins (and probably the most good looking of the generation) has decided to get working on his fitness. Hey, hes gotta woo over those ladies somehow right?

And with Lauren and  Charlies babymaking over, i decide to treat the family to good ol' camping trip!

Although, im not really sure they see it as a 'treat'... more so torture.
Poor Knox is squeamish, so he spends most of the time cowering away from the bugs.

Deon just looks majorly unimpressed.

Looks like all that squirming has tired poor Knox out!

Turns out the campranger is an alien too!
Brody dosnt look to happy that he's not the only alien around here...

We even get a bear sighting! And Knox still isnt impressed.
Miserable sods. Hahahha

However, the youngsters eventually warm up to the great outdoors with a little campfire and marshmallow roasting.
yay smores!

The twins even find it within themselves to show eachother a little lovin...

And nothing beats a little family group story around the fire!
**probably the only family photo we'll get this gen...**

Brody gets quite scared of a night.  Hey, even the smell of his own body odour scares him!

Back home, and the vacation is over. However the family spend the weekend doing fun family activities.

And its time for Zoeys birthday!

And here she is.. meh, she really does look like her dad - which isnt good. His masculine facial features really dont look right on a girl. D;
Shes rolled the aspiration friend of the world, and has the traits music lover and cheerful.

"Oh dad, why did you have to give me your manly facial features!"

She's not happy!

Brody however, is spending his time doing some kung fu type actions aboard his pirate ship...

"Im sorry for what i said about looking like you dad... Im proud to be your daughter!"

Aawww. <33

Both Zoey and Brody have got glasses as sleepwear... Zoey looks a little sad that Brodys glasses are cooler than hers!

This little pink sofa is everyones favorite place to eat dinner. LOL
Its the same sofa Lauren had in her room as a kid!

The most attractive photo. ever.
Lol Zoey. <3

Just a cute little photo of some mother son love. <333

Even though Zoey is tiny, she takes up quite a love of working out in the basement. You go girl!

The twins even syncro-read together!
They are so alike. <33

The twins bedroom appears to be the favorite room of the house.
I mean, how many sims can you fit in there?! Haaa

After doing the contact aliens thing at work... a ton turn up. AGAIN.

Lauren however, is not as impressed as the first time. She sticks to doing work... hey, she has her own little alien kid at home.

Speaking of alien kids.... Brody spends his time looking out at the sky.

"I wanna see my real dad!"

Awww. </3

"Yeah, well your real dad isnt in the sky kid... he lives just down the road!"

Hahaha. What a dream ruiner.

Looking a little sad at finding out his dad dosnt live in the sky.. its time for Brodys birthday!

And taaa-daaa!
I was really rooting for Brody to be heir, but im not so sure. Like, one of my favorite things about the sims is seeing the genetics passed through generation after generation, and he just dosnt look like anyone, if that makes sense?

Mom steps in and cuts the dance party short, by sim-raying them all to do some cleaning! Hahah way to go lauren!

Carissa, Laurens mother stops by every so often and lets her daughter know shes doing a great job.

I'd never noticed there was a fishing spot in the scientist career lot before!!

Um, Brody... i dont think talking to walls is quite a normal thing to do y'know?

Ooopsie. Brody set himself on fire. NO SOMEONE HELP. </3

Luckily Zoey came to the rescue and extinguished her little brother out. That was a close one!

And we end this chapter, and generation with another unimpressed facial shot of Deon, cause how else would we end it haha?

Thanks for reading guys.
Theres going to be an heir poll over on
This is the last time an heir will be chosen, as next generation is GENERATION TEN!!!
So i wanted to give anyone whos actually reading a choice.
Im only gonna leave it open for a day or two as i wanna get on with playing...
So, see you soon!

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 8.2
Hello all, and welcome back to the McKee Legacy!

Last time we left you with the firstborns of generation nine, twins Knox and Deon.
With them now children, Lauren and Charlie decide to get ahead and work on baby #3!

And of course, its a success. Yippeee!

"Um, mom, dad, what where you doing a minute ago...? And what where those weird sounds? Is that how babies are made?!"


They have the "we totally know what you just did" face. Hahaha

The twins are adorable, theyre always in sync with eachother. Managed to catch them tapping away together.

Neil has just aged up on the job whilst on patrol.
Sorry for forgetting Neil, my bad! He's all sad now. :(

"Are you gonna be the one to tell dad he's awful at guitar, or me?"

Charlies currently in the entertainer career track, so he's working on his not-so-good guitar skill. 

Lauren is well into her second pregnancy now, and her clothes are looking just as flattering the second time around. /not/

She's still working hard on her scientist career. Gotta say though, im not a fan of this career track as much as the police one! Its quite boring and also quite difficult to fill up the daily task bar!

Carissa has also aged into an elder, atleast we remembered this birthday! Hahah

Its very handy having a park just over the road on our doorstep. The boys spend alot of their free time there.

Lauren is about to explode now, and looks like she's about to knock poor Deon out with her bump!

He dosnt seem to mind though, and is very excited about having a younger sibling!

"Im pregnant, and this is what you give me for breakfast? Give me cake! Give me grilled cheese!"
Deon also dosnt look happy about having eggs for breakfast.... Hahah

And its time for baby #3 to come! Yay!

Welcome to the family, baby girl Zoey McKee. <33
Also, i found it funny how there was a ghost nurse wandering about!

Back home, and the happy parents are wondering where the hell their child has gone?

Oh, she magically appeared in the crib in the bedroom. Look at Charlie still freaking out, hahaha!

And what better to do than have a dance party in the kitchen just after giving birth?

Uncle Patick even pays a visit to come see his new neice...

And Cade.... Laurens childhood stalker. Seriously, he never leaves us alone!

And the next day, Zoey grows up!
She looks like the SPITTING IMAGE of her dad. Same skinetone, eye colour and hair colour, and facial features! She's basically his twin!

"Wow daddy, I really do look like you!"

More dance parties in the kitchen!

Zoey; "Yeah, well my dance moves are WAY better than my big brothers... *jazz hands*"

And it was lauren... meaning she wont get pregnant. >_>  I really want an alien baby!!!

Once she came back... Loads of aliens came by to our house. Is this supposed to happen?

I mean, TONS. Like 7 or 8.
I like the purple skinetoned ones. :L preeeeetty.

Charlie cant get over the excitement of having aliens in his house, and hopes one day to be abudcted himself.
Note, the poor guy is now sick. Bless.

Just a cute little shot of the kiddo's on their way back from school.
Zoey does NOT look impressed ...

So, my dreams of getting Charlie abducted went out the window. Then i figured.. Hey, Lauren knows some Aliens now... and if she had a baby it'd be eligible for heir... Soo...

I got her in love and to woohoo with a random alien. Charlie is gonna be SO SO MAD.

And it worked, she's pregnant! I dont even know how having a baby naturally with an alien works, and whether it'll even come out as an alien, but we'll soon find out!

Lauren seemed to enjoy her alien woohoo a little too much....

Charlie is of course devestated.
"Aliens where MY thing, i wanted to be the one to have an alien baby!"

Aww, the poor guy. He seems more upset about the alien thing than the fact his wife cheated on him...

"Well, we're going to have an alien baby through me whether you like it or not..."

Laurens laying down the law.

Knox seems totally indifferent to the whole situation.

A few simdays later, (and a lack of photos, sorry) Lauren gives birth to the baby at home. (Cant be having alien babies at the hospital, they'll sure notice!)

AND ITS AN ALIEN YAYAYAYA. Look at his little blue skin. <3
Welcome to the family, Brody McKee!!

Zoey is overjoyed to have a younger sibling, and dosnt seem to mind that he's an alien atall!

Deon however, is quite gutted.

"He's for sure going to be the favorite for heir!"

Probably, but Deon you're probably my favorite human-heir for this gen. <3 So you never know!

Charlie is finally getting over his jealousy, and is quite happy to raise Brody as his own!

The next day, Brody ages up.
I dont know if he's 100% classed as an alien, when he was a baby he had the alien babygrow, but as a child he looks quite normal apart from his skintone, so i dont know!
He has his moms eyes and hair, but his alien daddys skintone.

Zoeys out making friends, and bumps into the most coolest looking kid ever.
I mean, look at that shirt!

Brody looks like he's enjoying that piece of cake ALOT.
He's so adorable.

And look at his pjama's... the coolest looking kid ever. Those glasses. <3

Sadness hits the house... Neil passes away.
RIP Neil, I had so much fun playing you through your cop career. <333

And then hours later, Carissa dies. Clearly too heartbroken to go on without her husband...
RIP you two, you made two awesome beautiful children!

And despite the tragedy, the legacy must go on!
It's the twins birthdays!

And heres Knox. He rolled the mixologist aspiration, and has the traits insane and goofball.
So basically, he's a bit of a nutter!

And here's Deon. He has the serial romantic aspiration, and the traits goofball and romantic.
He's actually pretty good looking compared to his twin.

And theres where i'll leave it for this chapter!
Check in next time to see the kids grow up even more!
I will be having an heir poll this generation, since its the last one we'll have to choose an heir for! *eeeeek*
So stay tuned! Bye!

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 8.1
Welcome back to another chapter of the McKee Legacy!
We are on the final stretch.. just two more generations to go!
This chapter marks the birth of generation nine... wow!

As i announced at the end of the last chapter, Lauren is going to be our heir for this generation.
As you can tell from this pic, she seems quite suprised herself!

And within seconds of playing this generation, Neil got abducted.
I was so excited at the possibility of an alien pregnancy, only for my game to crash when loading Laurens new scientist career track. Damn that glitch. So it went unsaved.

After finally figuring out how to get the lot to load, Lauren is off for her first day of work as a scientist!

She spends the day working on the invention constructor.

After a hard days work, she heads down to the local bar to try and meet some hot men.

She did indeed meet some men... none of them 'hot' however.

On her second day at work, Lauren manages to set herself on fire.... Sigh.

Good job her co-workers were there to put her out!

Finally, Lauren manges to make a synthetic food serum!

I really tried hard to find a townie for Lauren to marry, but theyre all so ugly and mishapen faces... So I gave in and added a household of men from the gallery.

This one, Charlie caught Laurens eye. He has some nice genetics aswell, we've never had brown hair in the legacy before!
(Can you believe so far we've only had one shade of red, blonde and black?)

They make friends on their first meeting. Good progress Lauren!

Lauren is moving up the scientist career well, she is now level 3 and has the sim ray - and the ability to freeze people!

Laurens got that face that says... "I'm gonna kiss you today!"

And kiss him she did! Finaaaally. Took them so long to get to this stage, even though i didnt take alot of pics.

A few sims days later, Charlie proposes to  Lauren. Yaaay finally making progress!

(I know I didnt take a lot of pictures around this time, but getting them to even be able to kiss took days).

And of course, in true legacy fashion we through an elborate and spectacular wedding.

Welcome to the family Charlie!

And of course, we celebrate with a few drinks...

Followed by some baby making... time for generation nine!

"Guess what honey, im pregnant!"

"Uh... I kinda got your daughter pregnant...!"

Suprised Neil isnt' hitting the guy.

So, it appears Laurens clothing isnt the most flattering as maternit wear. Makes her look huge and frumpy. Ahwell.

I am obsessed with trying to get Charlie abducted by aliens, i really want an alien baby!
We have the satellite now, and do contact aliens. So far, no luck. :(

Lauren gets sick of her husband constantly spending the nights outside looking for aliens.

Neil is still working hard at progressing in his detective career. I think at this point in the pictures he was around level 7.

Cade, Laurens childhood crush still comes by from time to time.
Seems he just cant let go despite her being married and pregnant... sigh.

It's baby time!



Still absolutley love the hospital birth. SO so awesome.

OMG, Its twin boys!!!

Welcome to the family, Knox, and Deon McKee.

They have their own little nursery where Patricks old room used to be.

And the next day they age up!
Here is Knox. He has an awesome mix of genetics - a mixed skintone (although more towards Laurens dark skinetone), Laurens eye colour, and his dads hair colour.

Deon however, is basically the opposite. He has the same skintone, but his mums hair colour and dads eye colour!
He's awesome! Dont think we've had blue eyes so far in this legacy.

Anyways, thats were i'll end it for this time.
Ive played quite far ahead, so expect another chapter out soon.
Can you believe this is the last generation where we'll be picking out an heir?!!? Crazy stuff!
Thanks for reading. Head on over to and leave a comment, or join up if you havn't already!

- Abby

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 7.2
Hello! Welcome back. :)
This chapters gonna be quite long, i normally do three installments in each generation but im just gonna squeeze all of them into this one update, and condense it as im really far ahead with playing at the moment.
So, lets continue!

So when we left you last, Carissa was pregnant with her second child, after already having a girl Lauren.
She is busy working on her author career and aspiration.

It's the weekend so Lauren is spending some quality time at the park with her dad.

"Ew, boys"

Lauren's glare is hilarious.
Yes, boys have cooties. STAY AWAY LAUREN.

But  I guess she didnt really listen to my advice.
She's ended up making real good friends with some boy called Cade.
Possible future hubby alert? :L

Silvia keeps destroying the playhouse.
Look at her smirk whilst her grandaughter cries... hahah

"YEAH, so my grandma is a bitch!"


Laurens aspiration is the social butterfly.
She's successfully met the first level after introducing herself to five strangers. Woo.

Neil is still slaving away being a police officer.
I absolutley love this career track, its so fun and interesting to play!
He's now around level 5 in this picture. (I think).

It's baby time for Carissa! This is the first time we get to experience a hospital birth...

Hhahaha omg, this machine is scary. ;L

Welcome baby boy, Patrick McKee.
Eeeek, the hospital is so fun!

Silvia is jealous her daughter got a hospital birth, whilst she had to give birth on an open lawn. Hahaha

And the next day, patrick grows up!
I swear he has eyes, he just decided to blink when the photo got taken.
He's not as dark as his older sister, but is still more tanned than his mother. Little mix between the both parents.

And the first thing he does is go to the park....... to do his homework.
Weird child.

Silvia's growing into an elder!
And my after picture disappeared. This always happens to me. D;

Lauren and Patrick are yet to make friends...  Haaha.
Look at them snubbing eachother when they get home from school.

Lauren has Cade over for dinner.
Looks like she's not too impressed with him either. Hahah

"hey dad, when i grow up i want to be a detective just like you!"

Patrick is a genius, so he loves playing chess with his mum.


Haha, i love the interrogation. The bad cop routine normally works better for Neil... the options are hilarious!

So, i kinda decided to open up a business. It isnt really gonna be played much in this legacy I just wanted to have a little look at what it involves!
Carissa has opened up a fashion store... so far im finding it really hard to actually make any money... meh.

What an odd place to do your homework Lauren...

Hahaha, karma has come back to silvia. Someone else has destroyed the dollhouse and now SHE's upset...

"Mmwaaha, revenge on my grandma worked!"

These two are sooo cute.
I hope Cade grows up to not be disfigured and ugly.  Meh

It's Laurens birthday!

Wow, shes gorgeous!!
A really good mix of both Carissa and Neil.
She's rolled the renaissance sim aspiration, and has the traits neat, cheerful and Genius.
I think shes going to be heir this generation... :L Love her.

The glares that come out of these sims sometimes is ridiculous.

Well this is awkward... Cade is still a child. :L

"Hey, your sister is really hot!"

Lauren gets working on her logic skill to complete level one of her aspiration...

Although it appears she's struggling a bit...

A few days later, its now Patricks birthday!

Wow, not bad! He looks alot like Neil, just with lighter skin.
He has the aspiration to be a wealthy sim, and is a genius, and a bro, and materialistic.

I have built a basement downstaires, which consists of a little gaming area.
How cute. <3

LOL. It's always the old ladys that are guilty.

Oh no, Silvia has passed away. :(

"hehehe, omg its the grim reaper..."

"I mean, uh... RIP Grandma!"

And Patrick decides to take note of the occaison by taking a selfie... sigh. Kids these days.

Its a little day at the park for us! And Lauren is reading a book trying to level up on her aspiration.

Meanwhile, the boys just kinda hover about...

And Patrick seems its somwhat okay to go cloud gazing in the middle of a road.

Uum, arnt you a bit young to have a drink on your hand Lauren?!

Here's a little look at our basement gym.
Some daddy-son workout time.
Patrick is the first male sim ive had who hasnt been scrawny, he's naturally got his dads buff body shape. YAY

Lauren even decides to join in on the workout sesh.

So, major bad news guys.
Cade has grown up to be UGGGGLY.
As predicted. No way is he going to be involved in creating generation 9.

Aww, Poor Neville misses his wife so bad. :(

But its okay, she still floats about the house sometimes!

Carissa is on the last level of her aspiration now. She's published numerous books and is earning around $2000 a day in royaltys. Now we just gotta create some bestsellers!

Neil, youre supposed to be on patrol! Get off your phone!

And the day finally comes for Neville to pass away... :(
Goodbye Neville, you were an awesome heir and made three lovely children!


And, in coming to the end of this chapter it's  Laurens' birthday, and i officially announce that she's going to be heir for next generation. :)

Her dad gives her a hug to say congrats.

Thanks for reading guys, (if anyone still is).
Not long to go in this legacy... on the final stretch! We can doooo this!
See ya next time!

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 7.1

Hi All, welcome back!
Its been almost two months since my last update... Life got really busy and i kinda lost interest in the game for a bit.
But thats alright, we're back on track!
Incase you needed a refresher, we're currently on generation 7.

And heirship for this generation goes to Carissa!
I chose the heir this generation, she was too pretty not to be chosen. :} I really liked her.

Her LTA is the author one, so because of that her career will also be in the writer track. :)
We get her to work right away on writing away some stories!

Silvia is, as usual just roaming around the house in her underwear.

Neville dosnt seem to mind.

Everyones having a grumpy day in the house today i see!

And of course, my favorite thing about starting a new generation is picking out a spouse!
I see two hotties in the background...

This guy, Neil seems to be taking the 'look at me, im crazy' approach to catching carissa's eye.

And hey, it seems to have worked! She has that look in her eye...

And before we know it, theyre kissing!
It really didnt take much to get these two to like each other, guess theyre soulmates/soulsims. Hhaha

Caleb comes for a visit, but seems a bit apprehensive. Whys that Caleb?

Oh, we have this obnoxious guy turning up outside our house.
Look at his little expression, he's so confident haha.

Still got that confident look after they've woohoo'd. He's so funny. :p

I didnt document much during this playing period, as it was during my "im bored of playing" phase.
But eventually he moves in.
Theyre probably one of my fav couples in this legacy.

Hahaa, typical dad reaction.

Sneaky Sneaky Neil...
Silvia falls for it everytime. #blondes

Carissa is pregnant... ;o
Out of wedlock! Time to change that...

"Hey Honey... I know we've only just started dating but guess what... IM PREGNANT!"

Neil, looks a little unsure at first... Hey, are you okay?


LMAO. His reaciton is hilarious. Look at that pout.

But despite the negative reaction, Carissa gets down on one knee.
He happilly accepts.

And with little time, and no funds, the pair decide to elope there and then in their PJ's.

Kinda a creepy pic...
Neil just decides to watch Silvia do the gardening. LOL

The pregnancy is coming along... Carissa is really excited (despite the fact she hates children, and has a negative moodlet)
yet she wonders if Neil feels the same...

Again, as mentioned earlier, i didnt really document much during this sim period as i was in and out playing this over a course of many weeks.

Finally, Carissa gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. named Lauren.
I was kinda hoping she'd have Neils dark skintone, mix up the genetics a bit.

The whole family like to sit in the bedroom and keep Lauren company, so cute. <3

We get straight to work on baby #2!

And it was a success. :)

Silvia is a great grandma... She's trying to teach Lauren to count.
Dont think she realizes that Lauren isnt really listening...

And the next day, Lauren grows up!
She DOES have her dads skintone, but slightly lighter.
Dont know what it is about babies having different skintones in this game but ahwell!
Dont know where that shade of eyecolour has come from though, blend of the many different shades of brown we've had so far probably!

And here's a little sneak of her bedroom... Nice pink and princessy!

I've made Neil join the detective career.
Im going to show you through his first case...
He first arrives at the scene of the crime and has to take some pictures and collect clues...

He then interviews some very frightened eyewitnesses...

It's back to the lab to anaylse some evidence...

And since he's just a Cadet, thats as far as the case goes for him as he was just assisting.

To end the day, he helps out in the booking station and takes some headshots and fingerprints!

In all the excitement of the new EP, I almost forgot Carissa was pregnant!

Carissa loves her husband in that cop uniform....


It's time for Neville to turn into an elder... 1...2...3

And of course, he looks no different. -SIGH-

Anyways, thats were im going to leave you guys for this chapter.
The next one will be up shortly... I have already played alot of this generation!
See you all soon!

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 6.3
Welcome back!
Last time we left you with the three kids of generation seven. Can you believe we're at generation 7 already!? ;O
Anyways, lets get a move on!


And to start off with the chapter, the family are on a little camping vacation! Time to try and get Nevilles aspiration done a bit!


Carissa is on cooking duty, she dosnt look too impressed...

"Like, wheres the oven?!"


Neville meanwhile is straight off to completing the last few requirements of his first level of the outdoor enthusiast! He has to catch a certain amount of unidentified fruit and do some fishing.


And with five fish caught, thats Neville's first level of the aspiration complete!


Warden  Lady: "What a strange family... cloud gazing outside public stinky toilets!"

We are a legacy, of course we are strange!


Carissa is finally getting used to the nature and taking it all in...


Her mother, and sister Nancy however are not.

"Mom, Carissa is such a know it all, why does she have to be amazing at this outdoorsy stuff too... "

"Blablabla, this nature stuff is horrific. I need a bath and my own bed"


Caleb isnt quite a huge fan either, the park warden and his big hat are quite scary to him!


But the family do have fun, playing some games of the horseshoe thingy!


Neville has a little family reunion with his brother Dumbledore... who dosnt look too hapy to see him!

He always did look very angry. xD


A bear?  Why is the kid not running for the hills?

"Pssht, its just a bear. Nothing compared to this legacy business!"


Back home, and the twin rivalary is getting stronger.
Strong enough for Carissa to put her hand through Nancy's boobs. xD Oooops!


The family are having one of those days where everything is in turmoil.
For example, Corey just pissed himself on the floor when the toilet is RIGHT THERE!


I mean, C'mon.
Thats disgusting. >_>


For all you interior design fans, heres a little shot of how the house is looking right now!


LOL, remember homewrecker Ashley?
Here she is, now an angry bitter elder. xD


It's Calebs birthday! And all the twins can think to do is take selfies. xD


And here he is!
Not bad, quite good genetics!
He'd be a good candidate for heir if i wasnt determined to have a female heir this generation!


With quite a bit of inoming money with all members of the family having a job, the house is undergoing lots of renovations whilst this chapter was played!
The outside is actually looking really pretty!


Caleb; "I'm Soooo angry right now!"
Nancy; "Why?"
Caleb: "I'm blonde, which is what Abby wanted for an heir but just because im a boy im eliminated! It's so unfair!"

Aww, im sorry caleb.
To be honest, Im not a huge fan of Nancy's genetics either.
Carissa's just soo pretty. Sorry guys, buts its probably gonna be her!


Out of anger, Caleb set fire to the kitchen.



Silvia and Neville's bedroom has had a nice fancy makeover!
Hey, im getting good at this interior design stuff. ;)


"But Mom, i just really want to be heir..."


"Here son, let me tell you what being heir is really like..."

LOL. his reaction!


Um, no. Its not acceptable to be cleaning the toilet whilst your big sister has a bath!!!


"Hahahahaha, thats pretty gross!"


And you know whats more gross, your mum going for a run in the neighbourhood in her bra.


here's a shot of what the house is looking like currently.
The living room and the kids rooms have had a makeover. Looking very nice!


It's the twins birthdays, Carissa and Nancy are growing into young adults! First up is Carissa...


And then finally, Nancy. (Many hours later, after having to cook a different cake cause they all took a slice, when then caused ANOTHER family fire... sigh).

Anyways, so thats where i'll leave this chapter.
Who will i pick as heir, find out next time. ;)

(Like its not already obvious?!)

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 6.2
The chapters are rolling out fairly quickly at the moment huh? I need a social life haha.
Anyways welcome back to another chapter of the McKee Legacy!
I cant believe we're upto generation 7 already. This is the furthest ive ever gotten in a legacy and i genuinley think i might actually finish this one! Ive probably attempted 40+ documented legacies in all my simming time, so im proud i might actually achieve it!
Anyways, less rambling, more sims!


What better way to start the chapter than with cute photos of the girls playing on the playground across from their home?!


It's pretty much the only fun thing they have to do, so i send them over often after school!
LOL Carissa, dont fall off!


"Move out the way Abby, im tryna drive a spaceship here!"


"Yeah Abby, MOVE."
Gosh, i can tell when i'm not wanted haha. ps lol at carissa's angry uni-brow!


Whilst the kids may be happy, Silvia definitley isnt. She's working her ass off.
Neville just looks his usual charming self though. LOL his face.


Hermione often drops by and checks in on her big brother.
She's adorable.


"Hey Aunt Hermione, look how dirty i am!"
At this stage of the playing, my sims where constantly dirty hungry and tired, and i couldnt stop it. It was so hard. >_>


YAY silvia is pregnant again!
I wasnt gonna have another baby since the whole twin glitch thing, but ive decided if its twins im just gonna 'get rid' of the second baby.
I really cant keep having twins. >_<


"Awww c'mon Carissa, let me back on the kerb!"
Nancy has clearly been banished from the legacy home by her twin sister.


I realise i havnt documented much this pregnancy. As previously mentioned, everyone was basically dying the whole time so i didnt take many pictures!


Baby time!


Welcome baby boy Caleb McKee!!
<33 Aww yay, my first single birth in a few generations!


So, the family is pretty much dead right now. This baby isnt gonna help.
Theyre all still livingoutside.


SILVIA. it's not appropiate to go to the neighbourhood park in your underwear
God knows what Neville is doing either....


Caleb grew up! And dosnt he look adorable straight up outta the crib...  I didnt have to make him over atall.


But here's the traditional portrait shot of him anywho.

He's basically a double of his mother, blonde hair and tanned skin - but he has a purpley-brown eyes, a mixture of both parents. How awesome is that?
Oh man, i really didnt want a male heir this generation but he's gonna make that tough!


"Did you hear that? Abby's considering a MALE  heir, we cant let that happen!"


Neville is slowly but surely making his way up the sports career. He's now the teams mascot, loving the uniform Nev!


From this photo, it looks like Neville is punching Hermione's boob. She dosnt look impressed...
Carissa and Caleb do though!


Silvia is very angry and emotional right now from the family stress.

She's in the astronaut career track btw, so main skill she needs to know is logic so i splashed out and bought a chess table.


Neville however is quite happy cruising through life with his cereal.


Umm, how on earth can you see the TV kids if theres a trash bush in the way?


"It's pretty easy, just look through the branches!"

Okay... then.


Carissa is distressed because the chess table appears to have dissapeared. ;)


Yes, i repeat. We have a room, with WALLS AND WALLPAPER OMG.


And heres a view of the other side, the little kitchen!


Finally, all the kids can sit down.
Poor Nancy looks mortified at whatever  Caleb is saying to her. Hahaha.


However, it appears they miss sitting on their beds so they still choose to eat outside sometimes.
Caleb clearly fighting for justice there...


He's even made Carissa sad with his protests.


LOL. Another day in the legacy household, another dirty and unhappy child.


Silvia is just miserable at life. God bless her.


Poor Nancy dosnt even know that her poor mother is giving her evils behind her.


Oh no. Nancy witnessed her parents woohooing.
This is terrible. >_>


"Omg, you saw mom and dad woohooing?"


"So what is that, where they like tickling eachother?!"


"I dont know, but mom made alot of faces like THIS!"

hahaha. poor joke. /sorry/




she's stunning. ;O i was counting on Nancy to be heir purely because she's female and blonde, but oh my.
She's beautiful!


Nancy however... her face kinda looks weird and skinny.

I guess its not all about looks but....

Anyways, thats where i'll leave you for this chapter guys. Thanks for reading.
Tune in next time for the final chapter of this generation. <333
What will Caleb grow up to be like?!

- A

(no subject)

When we left you last, Neville had been declared heir.
So here he is, blowing out his candles on his birthday cake ready to take the reigns of the legacy....


I kinda had in the back of my head for  Neville to pursure Mila Kunis once he was of age, but the more i look at her, the more risky facial genetics that i see for my children to inherit.... So NOPE.


What's this you ask? MWUAHAHAHA.
Boredom and comfort had kinda set in during the legacy, and i wanted a new challenge to get me through the final few generations.
Neville has been moved out on his own to begin lawn living again, with no money what so ever.
And to make it even worse, its literally opposite his old mansion - talk about rubbing it in!


Neville's being a positive sport about it!
Only bad thing is that we wont have the money to go on vacations to complete his aspiration... meh. We'll figure it out.


Neville has a little lunch date with his mother, who's catching up on how he's doing and checking that hes okay and well fed.

"Im surviving mom... That's all i can really say. It's been a whole four sim hours without luxury!"


Dumbledore is over the famous legacy living life.

"No photo's please!"


Well, who is this?!
It's Silvia, a sim i made and placed in the town along with a few other spouse's for Neville to choose from.

Her blonde hair would be a nice mix to the legacy. Every heir so far has had black or red!


Silvia is an enthusiastic and hyper sort of sim im getting from this crazy story she's telling Neville!


It's been a long first day of lawn living, so Neville eats his cereal and goes to bed early!
He begins his career in the sports career tomorrow!


After work, Neville invites Silvia around.
Its the first time seeing his... 'outdoor' house.

"Eh, i could live with this.... Maybe make the stove pink though"


"You could deal with this? Lawn living?  Only having one armchair to sit on?!"

Sheesh Neville, you could atleast let your guest sit down!


He then tries to impress Silvia by making some Frank and  Beans.


Hermione also pops by and checks in on her big brother.

"Life being rich is great bro, you really drew the short straw by winning heirship!"


Things are progressing nicely with Silvia and Neville's relationship...


First kiss time! YES..
Shortly after this, she moves in and is now his girlfriend. :)


They celebrate accordingly. ;)
... With all the neighbourhood to see!


I cant. deal.
Silvia is acting all sexy and theres an old grandma walking by...


While Neville's at work, his twin Ron comes over and Silvia definitley likes him too.
I  know they look alike but sheesh.


Meanwhile, we spot Neville's only cousin (Sebastian and Deserae's son Feglio!)
He looks the spitting image of his dad.


Neville figured it was time to get the ball rolling, and put a ring on it!
Of course she said yes, who could turn down live lawn living?


Uh oh, Silvia is pregnant! ;D
Generation 7 is on the way peoples!


Ashlee, a sim i actually downloaded as a potential spouse for his father is always around visiting.
She seems to have a thing for Neville. Cougar!


"Hey, im not married... yet..."



Ron, why are you always checking out the interests of your brother?
Get your own women. xD


Silvia's life time aspiration is the gardening one.
So we get her one, just one plant for her to attend to. It's all we can afford. xD

(Note: Soon after this picture died, and that was the end of her gardening hobby for now...)


You cant even tell that Silvia is pregnant! haha
But the two Elope on the corner of their lawn. Cute. <3
Welcome to the family Silvia!


"Hmm, you may be pregnant but youre still not sitting down!"



Uh oh, Silvia is at work and Neville is lonely so along comes Ashlee...




And Neville is back on his armchair for Silvia's arrival home from work.
Naughty Neville ;O


Although Neville has cheated, he does love Silvia and is excited for their baby to arrive!


It's baby time!

Almost guarenteed to be twins thanks to the glitch.


And i was right!! Welcome baby girls Carissa and Nancy Mckee.


Managing twins, lawn living and two jobs is quite hard for these two. But they make it.
They barely get any sleep from them crying though!


Silvia has finally caught Neville out....
And whats most crazy is that she didnt 'hate' Neville for it...
This marriage can be saved!!


And if woohoo'ing neville wasnt enough and being caught, Ashlee then went on to care for the babies!
I kinda like her....


Birthday time for the twins!
Here's Nancy!

She has her mothers blonde hair, and her dads skintone and purple eyes. Great mixture, she's adorable!


And here's Carissa! Shes the literal opposite of her twin, her fathers hair but her mothers brown eyes and her dads skintone.

Both equally adorable!


We still cant afford to even build a wall right now, so everyone is still sleepin outside.


Holy ... Silvia nearly died! That would have been another plot twist! Luckily she survived.


"Yawn, i wish she had died. Then i could move in..."

LOL Nancy looking on so sad....


The twins hug it out despite their family drama.


"But daddy, who's that lady that keeps coming round to see you?"

"Oh dont worry about her girls. She was just a friend of mine... but its over now. Youve got nothing to worry about!"


Ahh, the lawn living and family drama is definitley taking its toll on poor nancy.
Cheer up kid, better things to come next chapter!!

And thats where i'll leave you this time guys. Thanks for reading! Tune in next time for more legacy fun!
- A

The McKee Legacy - Chapter 5.4
Hello all!
This will just be a small filler chapter, of the final pics i've got of generation 6. <3


So, at this point ive pretty much decided that Neville is going to be our heir. So this chapter will be mostly focused on him, apologies!
He's adorable, and stands out more from his siblings. Plus hes got a cool new aspiration that i think will be fun to play!
Hey, he's got good genetics too. Looks good even when he's dirty!


As you can tell, Neville is happy about this heirship he's been given. ;)


And with all the children now teens, i whisked them all off on another vacation!


This gave Neville a good chance to get started on his outdoor aspiration.
He started by finding numerous unidentified plants!


Whilst he was doing this, the family chilled back at the cabin and roasted some marshmallows on the fire.


"Hermione, you should live life in a swimsuit - its so much fun!"

Seriously though, Alissa is never out of that swimsuit. Ever.


Another requirement to pass the first stage of his aspiration is to catch 5 fish in granite falls, so Neville went fishing with his father.


Nothing like some good scary ghost stories around the fire before bed time!
Zayne is looking very enthusastic about his story he's telling. ;)


I am very very impressed with the scenery of granite falls, its beautiful!


Whilst fishing one afternoon, Neville actually met one of his distant relatives - his grandfather Archies cousin!! (Oliver's son, if anone remembers him!)


Whilst on vacation, Neville also took up the herbology skill! So far he can make insect repellants and sadness alleviation potions.


Hermione keeps to herself like usual, and goes stargazing quite alot. She's adorable.


However, she isnt happy about being selected as a spare.

"Why not me dad? Im smart, id be a good heir!"

Sorry girly!


Dumbledore isnt exactly happy either, but eh. Only one can be heir guys!

Dumbledore has a pernament angry face. >_>


LOL. I guess its Karma from being angry all the time! Poor dumbledore caught himself on fire, whilst his eldest brother just stood by and watched.
Ohwell, he was fine though.


"OMG, our legacy is being read online by millions!"

I wouldnt quite call it millions Hermione.  Perhaps one or two. Hhahahah


The last of the twins teen years are spent doing homework, and Neville brushing up on his herbology skill!
Ron and Neville are quite close, its adorable.


And thats where i'll leave this small filler chapter.
Next time, tune in to see Neville take the legacy reins, and a major twist added to the legacy. ;)
Thanks for reading all!
- A


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